The End Result of Hiring The Wrong SEO Company

You may have explored the results that pertain to hiring the right SEO company, but what if you didn’t go with the right business? Millions of people have made the mistake of choosing the wrong company to work on their internet marketing and have paid for it in a variety of different ways. If you find yourself with the wrong choice, you will see a lot of different things manifesting as a result. It’s not all going to be directly opposite of the right quotient, but it will definitely showcase a serious amount of problems overall. Exploring the negative side of hiring bad people to work on your site is not about losing money, it’s about dropping your brand’s market share into a place that will be even harder to rank for.

An Argument Against DIY:

DIY methods can have you mixed up. Everybody will think that they can work on SEO without having to be an expert. The reason why people believe this is because there is a proliferation of websites that talk about how simple it all is to do it yourself. Those same people that will tell you that this is easy will try to sell you on books, media, and much more. Do not fall into the trap that they are putting out. Instead, focus on finding a good company to work with and get the right kind of help overall. There are few people today that can master the real methodology that you need to learn to rank high within any industry. It may be easy to some, but to fully integrate the right methods to gain market share, you have to spend a lot of time working on various elements that can make or break your website’s reach. There are some that will ignore this completely and will start to work on implementing certain pieces of the internet marketing puzzle, and that’s fine. However, no single person can trump what a high quality professional SEO firm can deliver.

Taking A Lot of Shortcuts:

The end result ofSEO Company hiring the wrong SEO company will manifest first with their process. They may or may not reveal this to you, but there are a lot of shortcuts when you start to explore internet marketing as a whole. You will find that the shortcuts will completely derail your reach. The marketing found within these shortcuts are interesting to note, but will completely shatter the reach of your site. They include and are not limited to:

  • Buying Links In Bulk – Getting backlinks from bad sources in droves. Even promising to deliver PR10 page rank links is a negative thing because you will not only be in niches that are not related to your site, but you will even be featured on websites that have been tagged as spam.
  • Traffic Generators – There are websites today that will take your site and put it in a revolving iframe for others to see. This will give you traffic from 1 domain name and IP address.
  • Keyword Stuffing – The worst thing you can do on your page is stuff it with repetition and constantly drone on and on with a limited vocabulary at the helm.
  • Keyword Hiding – This trick is going to cause you a lot of issues. The company you hire may want to put hidden text on all your pages and it will be keywords that spiders will pick up but will not deliver the right kind of influence.
  • Spam – Spamming outright leads to a great deal of traffic, but the negatives will mount up and eventually get you banned from a lot of areas of the internet.

The above is just a list of some of the shortcuts that are proliferating the internet today. Search for them individually online and you will find that a lot of companies will argue for this. They’ll tell you that you can get this moving forward with relative ease. While it is easy to start with the above, it will not deliver the right results. You may see a huge spike for a day or two, but in terms of long term engagement? You will end up losing out straightway. In fact, some sites may go from top rankings to the bottom of indexing, and in some instances you can be delisted completely.

The Ever Changing Search Engine Algorithm:

To be perfectly honest, search engines are fickle and are like spoiled children. If you disagree, then just look at the terms of service that Google wants webmasters to follow. You’ll find that if you do not follow their service agreement to the letter, you will end up getting penalized greatly for it. Penalties range from lower indexing, lower crawl rate, to getting completely banished from the search results completely.

Violating any of the rules will cause your site great harm. You could end up with no traffic at all. You could even get banned from using their PPC advertising protocol, which only proves the notion that you should hire a SEO company. Without getting help with marketing on a professional level, you will not get anywhere within any niche you want to conquer. It’s easy to lose track of all of this on your own, so make sure you hire the right business to assist.

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