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SEO for Firefox and the SEO Company

Admittedly, this one does a lot of the same things that SEO Quake does, but each one has its own spin on the bells and whistles that go along with it. So while I could use one OR the other, I find that using both actually works much better. As with SEO Quake (above), I could find all the information that SEO for Firefox provides through other means. But why would I? This tool provides me with information about keyword trends and traffic so much faster than I could get it using some other resource. Frankly, I’d be a fool not to include this one in my tool kit.

SEO Link Analysis

Joost de Valk is my hero! He made the lives of SEOs everywhere so much easier when he launched this little gem. What this tool does is display the anchor text and PageRank of every single backlink on the page you’re checking out. Every. Single. One.As with the other tools, you could get this information by doing all the digging yourself. My question is: Why would you do that?! Time is money, and this tool will save you both.

Web Developer

Now we’re starting to dabble with code. SEOs come in two basic flavors: those who do their own coding, and those who need to learn how. (Which flavor are you, by the way?) What Web Developer does is that it allows you to quickly view and test the technical aspects of a site (images, tables, cells, CSS, W3C details, and so on).

This tool is amazing. I’m an ace SEO and even I don’t use all the functions this golden extension provides. Like a Swiss Army knife, though, I take a lot of comfort in knowing those functions are available if I ever do need them.

IE Tab

This one is another time saver. Sure, it only shaves off seconds–or even fractions of a second–per use. But like I mentioned above, a few seconds here and there can really add up over the course of a day!

The beauty of IE Tab is that it will load Internet Explorer into Firefox as a tab. Rather than having to switch back and forth between two windows, you can have one running within the other. How cool is that?! Sure, you could do it the old fashioned way and have both apps running separately, but that’s not nearly as cool. Also, those seconds–and fractions of seconds–really do add up.

Search Status

Another deceptively simple tool. At first glance, all you get with Search Status is mozRank info, Alexa and Compete rankings, and that kind of thing. But with one, simple click, you can get a ton more information! With just a right-click, you can get quick links info about keyword density, info from Archive.org, and info about no follow links from an SEO Company. Again, you could get all of that from other sources but–say it with me–time is money. Any tool that saves you one or the other needs to be in your toolkit. This one does both.

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