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Investing in Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes are a great item to have whether it is for your home or office use. There are different types and models that are out in the market. If you are planning to buy one, the first thing you need to do is make a checklist of items you will keep in it. Take note of how valuable and how vulnerable each item is when subjected to heat and fire. This will help you decide on the type and size of the fireproof safe you need. You can ask yourself these questions to help you out:

  • Are you using the safe to store up back-up media?
  • How many items are you storing up?
  • How large are these items?

You can add up more questions that can help you determine the vulnerability of your valuables.

What is a fireproof safe?

Fireproof safes are fireproof safesdesigned to protect its contents for a specific amount of time. It is rated by Underwriters Laboratories according to the time it can protect its contents when subjected to a certain temperature.

The safe may be called “fireproof safe” but it doesn’t mean that it is completely indestructible. Underwriters Laboratories provides rates that can help buyers know how long their valuables are kept safe. If you are looking for a safe, the UL ratings will guarantee you of its quality. Here are UL’s fireproof safe rates.

  • 30 minutes – UL class 350 – It can protect valuables for 30 minutes with an outside temperature of 1550 degrees.
  • 60 minutes – UL class 350 – it can protect valuables for 760 minutes with an outside temperature of 1700 degrees.
  • 1 hour plus – UL class 350 – it can protect valuables for more than one hour with an outside temperature of 1700 degrees. It has also survived an impact from a 30 feet drop.
  • 2 hours – UL class 350 – it can protect valuables for 2 hours with an outside temperature of 1850 degrees.
  • 2 hours plus – UL class 350 – it can protect valuables for more than 2 hours with an outside temperature of 1850 degrees. It has also survived an impact from a 30 feet drop.

Shopping for a safe

The UL ratings can help you select the best safe for you. Once you have identified what safe rate you should go for, the next step is to find a trusted manufacturer. You can search for it online. Read reviews about each brand name and the various sizes of safes they offer.

Consider the safe’s lock too. The locking mechanism can be a combination lock, electronic locks, or biometrics. Select the one which fits your needs for security.

Fireproof safes also come with shelves and compartments. These are made for specific items such as jewelries or documents. Guns also have their own fireproof safe models to choose from. These types of shelves keep items more organized.

The style of your fireproof safe can also help in hiding it further from public sight. One of the best ways to keep your items secure is to also hide the safe well. You can opt for one that can be mounted on the wall or one that can be bolted on the floor. A safe can come in many styles that make it unnoticeable.

Safes are primarily used to protect valuables from burglars. Burglar resistant safes are also a good option. You can have a safe both fireproof and burglar resistant. While this type can be very expensive, it guarantees safety from fire and burglar tampering. It can’t be easily opened.

You should also consider a safe that can protect your items from water, dust, and other elements that can damage your valuables. If a fire occurs, you safe should be able to protect your items from gushing water from the firemen’s hoses.

Fireproof safes are a great investment. Whether it’s for home use or for business, you need to find one that guarantees protection for your personal items or business documents. Determine which items need to be kept in the safe. This will help you find the right safe rating for you.

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