Points to Ponder when Shopping for a Basement Dehumidifier

Due to the way they have been constructed, basements accumulate moisture. As a result, you will find that most basements smell musty, do have mold and feel damp. In order to make your basement habitable or comfortable, you need to get a basement dehumidifier. It will greatly aid your efforts of removing moisture leaving the place feeling dry. This way, you can even convert your basement into an apartment, bedroom or playroom. Knowing that you need to dehumidify a basement is just the first step. The biggest task yet is to get the right appliance that is just perfect for your needs.

Below are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a basement dehumidifier:

  • Capacity: Depending on the size of your basement, you can opt for medium or large capacity dehumidifiers. The difference lies in the amount of moisture each can remove from a certain cubic area. If you notice that there is a lot of wetness in your basement, then what you need is a large capacity basement dehumidifier.
  • Noise levels: This should be a great concern especially where there are people living near the basement. As appliances that run on electric power, dehumidifiers emit some noise. Normally, the noise should be in the range of 55-67 decibels. At 55 decibels, that is a quiet dehumidifier. However, of you have no issues with noise and all you want is for the job to get done then a noisy appliance will not bother you.
  • Drainage of water: A basement dehumidifier has a reservoir for collection of water. When the humidity in the air is eliminated by the machine, it goes into a storage tank. It builds up from tiny droplets to water that can fill several gallons. There are some dehumidifiers where you have to empty the storage tank manually. However, you can ease this burden by buying a dehumidifier that has a place where you can connect a hose pipe. The water will simply run through the pipe and drain into a flower bed or lawn.
  • Portability: You should take into consideration how the basement dehumidifier will be moved around. For this reason, check the weight of the appliance. It is not always that you will have someone to assist you carry it down or upstairs. Instead, look for a model that has wheels. You can easily move it to different sections of the basement without having to call for help.

A dehumidifier in the basement will help you transform this space and keep it habitable always.

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