Looking to Reward Employees? Why Recognition Pins are Your Best Bet

It is important to provide appreciation and recognition in the workplace. There is no question that employees work best when they feel appreciated, respected, and valued for their hard work. Limiting benefits to purely compensation might easily breed frustration and discontent—so you have to make sure you find other ways to keep your employees satisfied other than through their salaries. Without a well-oiled and productive workforce, no business will be able to achieve anything. You have to keep employees content and satisfied. You also have to make sure you foster good relationships with and among them. One of the best ways to achieve these is to formulate and implement a good employee recognition process.

Some might think this is too costly—but keep in mind that your rewards need not be expensive. It is of course important to minimize costs as much as you can, but this is a poor excuse for not rewarding your employees. With enough creativity, you can find highly gratifying but still cost-effective ways to recognize and reward your top employees. One of the best ways to achieve this on a budget is to give out recognition pins for your top employees as a start.

Custom pinsFor one, these recognition pins could be tailored to be personalized; since it is easily designed, customization is no problem. Making a simple but personalized reward like this can help foster a strong connection between the employer and the employee.

Secondly, it is also a good way to promote the company identity. A simple design will do—just make sure it is something that will create a connection to the company. This is important because it will help foster a sense of identity and belongingness. Furthermore, it will help make your employee realize that the company he belongs to highly regards merit and hard work.

Third, it is wearable anytime and anywhere. With a good design, your employees will have no problem wearing the pin even outside work. Furthermore, it does not have to be limited to the confines of your cubicle, office, or home. Unlike other means of recognition like certificates, plaques, or trophies, you don’t have to keep them fixed in your walls or shelves. Its mobility gives a sense of pride that you can’t match with those other items—and one that you can easily bring anywhere and everywhere. This is not only so your best employees can go around the office showing off their rewards—it is also so that the other employees will be motivated to strive more.

It is subtle but easily visible–it is a constant symbol that your employees can proudly wear. At the same time it motivates others to achieve more. This is not only jealousy at work; this is a matter of demonstrating to the entire workforce that the company is serious about rewarding hard work. Since everyone else sees that good, hard work pays off, they will understand that you are serious about recognizing your best employees and this will contribute to productivity and healthy competition. These pins will be a constant reminder of that.

Lastly, the symbolic nature of the recognition pins is also important. The rest of the employees might not be able to fully appreciate the perks of being rewarded for performing well, especially if they do not see it. Creating a powerful symbol for rewarding merit makes it not only highly visible, but at the same time it makes sure that the employees create a mental connection between the goals and behaviors you seek to reinforce and the rewards these will bring. Upon seeing top employees wearing those recognition pins, they will instantly make the mental connection.

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