Keeping Cool with Misting Systems

Misting systems are a good way to keep cool during the summers and whenever one is in humid conditions or tropical climates. What are these mist systems? Many manufacturers have their technologies patented. One company uses a patented nozzle technology, which claims to be efficient when it comes to liquid atomization. The nozzles break down the water source to diminutive levels and make a very fine mist that is dry and evaporates as soon as it is dispersed.

This patented technology also boasts of reduced use of water. Every nozzle of this manufacturer’s products need about one pint (1/8 gallon) of water every hour, which means that it is almost 80 percent less consumption of water than other mist systems and nozzles. The manufacturer also boasts of its energy efficiency, which emits the right size of droplets with a pressure of about 20 psi. Such pressure reduces energy use and power without sacrificing quality and performance. The result is a very sustainable product.

The products of these mist systems can cool residential and commercial environments. They can even cool down golf cars, which are open-aired vehicles. The effect would be like the passengers of the golf cars are in an air-conditioned environment.

Features of the misting systems for golf cars include: low-energy consumption, nozzles that are non-clogging, mist technology that evaporates fast, environment- and eco-friendly, rust-resistant, mist output that is adjustable, up to five hours a fill, and operates from 12 to 48 volts.

The mist in golf cars promotes an excellent golf game playing experience. One can extend the playing season by temperature reduction of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The golf car mist technology allows golf players to play 18 holes while keeping one’s clothes, skin, and gear both dry and cool. The mist output may be adjusted to suit one’s personal comfort level.

A 30 inch diameter misting fan is commercial-grade and can cool larger artificial environments and even the outdoors. The mist fan system is specifically designed for areas like factories, warehouses, and restaurants and can reduce temperatures by up to 30 deg. Fahrenheit. There are three speed options for the fans and one can control the mist output. The fan can oscillate by up to 90 degrees in order to produce a very wide range of cooling. This commercial-grade cooling fan has a water supply that can last up to a maximum of eight hours. The fan system is made of rust- and UV-resistant materials. It is also intended for outdoor use.

Another product from this manufacturer is a 16 inch mist fan system, which is perfect for residential use. It is great for a patio area that has access to a conventional hose. This fan is also adjustable and the head can oscillate by up to 90 degrees. This means that it has a wide cooling range. The product is also eco and environment-friendly. It can connect to a standard garden hose or a spigot, which makes the product versatile and portable.

Most of these products are also maintenance-free, but they are best stored during the winter months. These misting systems are meant to enhance the comfort, productivity, and safety of many people in almost all kinds of environments. There are also other kinds of mist systems that are effective in cooling greenhouses, barns, and animals.

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